November traditionally sees some of our Exec MBAs working on their Global Macroeconomics assignments, so it’s a good time to highlight our resources for country data and analysis.

For country profiles, check out FitchConnect and MarketLine Advantage. There are other sources available too, but these would be our favourites and are generally the most comprehensive. Profiles should provide you with an overview of most areas of interest on a country, including a PESTLE analysis or similar.

For a more detailed introduction and some step-by-step instructions for the resources mentioned above, have a read of our post on sourcing country analysis.

When it comes to statistics, we would recommend the ‘Data Tools’ > ‘Interactive Charts’ area within FitchConnect or  Euromonitor’s Passport to start with. For statistical data that is not available in BMI or Passport, we have various other sources you can try including Datastream, Bloomberg and the UK Data Service. Come and talk to us so we can advise you on the best source.

The following posts may also be useful if you are looking for data:

As always if you require any help in sourcing or downloading country reports or data, please contact MIRC.

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