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Homepage / Sourcing country analysis – a guide to MIRC sources

Sourcing country analysis – a guide to MIRC sources


For those researching a country, you will find that country information tends to take two forms: 

  • Analysis – country reports are descriptive reports covering most areas of interest on a country. They contain an analysis of the business environment and include information on political, environmental, social, technological and risk factors. These are the best place to start your research. 
  • Datasets – raw data, e.g. GDP, inflation figures, etc.. These are generally downloadable as charts or in Excel.

In this post, we focus on sources for country analysis. For sources of data, please see the links at the bottom.

MIRC’s best sources for country analysis are:

  • FitchConnect (previously known as BMI Research)
  • MarketLine Advantage


Content previously available via BMI Research is now available here. FitchConnect contains in-depth country risk reports for over 200 countries. Content includes SWOT analysis, economic outlook, political outlook and 10 year forecasts.

  • Use the Global Search box at the top right of the page and type the country you are researching.
  • Select your country from the ‘Entities’ column in the dropdown results menu. (Please note that countries will always have the tag ‘Sovereigns’ under the country name).
Select your country from the Entities column
  • You will arrive on the country’s ‘Summary’ tab. From here open the ‘Country Risk’ tab.
  • Use the ‘Reports’ sub-tab to access the Country Risk reports amongst others.
  • Click on any report from this list to open full-text.
Country Risk > Reports

MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine contains over 100 country analysis reports. These
are comprehensive, generally around 50-100 pages long and contain a country overview, PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors), key indicators and various charts and graphs.

  • Enter a country name in the search box, select ‘Country & risk reports’ from the filters and click ‘Go’.
  • Open the report you require by clicking on its title.
  • From the Table of Contents page, use the left-hand navigation menu. Click the ‘View Online’ option to read on-screen or export the full report using your preferred file option.

If country coverage is patchy…

The two journal databases listed below can be useful if you have not found enough analysis in our country resources. Both include some country profiles. Select this as your ‘publication type’ on the advanced search screen.

You may also be interested in…

Sources of macroeconomic data:

Other sources of macroeconomic data and analysis:

If you have any questions about sourcing country information – either data or analysis – please contact MIRC.

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Karen Stokes

Written By: Cranfield University

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