If you need to know about country stability and risk, there are two MIRC services you ought to be looking at: Bloomberg and BMI Research.


On-campus users may also wish to look at Bloomberg, accessible in the MIRC Bloomberg Suite. The Bloomberg Crisis Monitor <CRIS> is the page to start from.

The Crisis Monitor brings together economic and market data related to financial or political crises in three areas of the world – Europe (our default view), the Middle East and the United States.


Switch between regional screens using the orange drop-down menu at the top left. Data varies for each region but gives an overview of major markets affecting the economies – including equity, bond and credit – alongside access to various key economic indicators and news items essential to review the relative financial health of a country and its likelihood of default on its debts.

BMI Research:

bmi-country-riskBMI Research covers country stability and risk in its aptly named Country Risk Reports which it publishes quarterly for roughly 200 nations.

If it’s rankings or data that you’re looking for, access these from the Data & Forecasting tab at the top-right of the BMI screen. Within the Indices page, you will find BMI’s Country Risk Index  which provides a country-comparative evaluation of the political, economic and operational risks to stability over a short- and long-term time horizon.


If you have any questions whatsoever about sourcing macroeconomic indicators or risk analyses, please just ask MIRC staff!

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