Are you interested in world trade flows? Would it be useful to know which nations are your country’s major trade partners?

If so, the Bloomberg terminal has a rather nifty function where you can view and analyse international trade… an interactive trade flow map which displays import and export values between a selected country and its global trading partners.

For access:

Use Bloomberg code <ECTR> to open the Trade Flow map. Default view is ‘graph’ (map) view.

We can see from here that the UK’s biggest trading partner in 2017 was Germany, with the US close behind. Summary data is displayed on the right hand side.

If you hover over any particular trade flow, Bloomberg will display relevant data.

Customising your analysis:

  • To focus on another country, type the country name in the orange country box – or use the grey ‘Browse’ button..
  • On the top right, you can also set the year for your analysis. Use this option to compare previous years’ trade.
  • The trade map will automatically display figures for total trade. If you are interested in an individual variable such as exports or imports, use the drop-down menu to make your selection.
  • Select the ‘Export’ option on the red menu bar to send figures directly to Excel.
  • ECTR’s default display is the interactive trade flow map. If you would prefer to view figures, click on ‘Table’ on the red menu bar.

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Feature image from Pixabay. Available at:

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