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Homepage / Sourcing information on company shareholder meetings

Sourcing information on company shareholder meetings


Would access to transcripts of company meetings (AGMs, EGMs, etc.) be useful in your research?  If you are not a shareholder or don’t have inside contacts, this kind of information can be hard to come by.

However we do have a number of resources available from the SOM Library that can provide you with the information you might need.

Capital IQ

If you haven’t already used Capital IQ, find out how to register here.

Look up the company you are interested in, e.g. Apple, Inc., and then check for the Events Calendar which appears under the ‘News, Events & Filings’ heading on the left-hand menu:

An entry showing several calendar events for Apple

Click on any event to access more details. This could be a earnings call, conference presentation or earnings release. Other options available from the left hand menu allow you to access transcripts, SEC filings (if listed on the US market), filings, and annual reports.

You can also search across several companies at a time using the Events Calendar search option available from the main ‘Companies’ menu at the top of the home screen and select it from the drop down area under ‘News, Events & Filings’.

In this view, it is possible to search for several companies at a time, select a date range and the specific type of shareholder information you are looking for.

LSEG Workspace

Please read this post first if you haven’t already registered to use Workspace.

You can search for the events in a single company by looking at ‘Events’ > ‘Corporate Events’ in a company record:

Apple Record in Workspace showing Corporate Events

If looking for  events for more than one company, then Type ‘Advanced Events Search’ into the search bar at the top of the screen which will take you into the AdvEvents app which will allow you to search across all events by date and type. You can add a keyword if you are looking for something very specific. You can search for individual companies or for company lists e.g. FTSE 100.

Screen showing the Advanced Events Search app available on Workspace


Events can also be searched on Bloomberg. (Only available on campus). Bloomberg also holds both details of and recordings for various events in listed companies’ calendars.

Search either using the <DSCO> function for company documents or <EVT> for events.

Using <EVT>, first choose your company and then, in the left-hand menu, limit by ‘Event Type’. AGMs and EGMs are listed – fairly logically – under ‘Shareholder Meetings’. As you can see, access is also available here to various other presentations and documents.

Event screen

Bloomberg screen showing events for Microsoft

Depending on the company and the event, you may have access to transcripts, audio recordings or webcasts.

An example of an event detail for the AGM for Microsoft

If you wish you to search across all company documents there is a Bloomberg function <DS DSCO> which allows you to search across all the different types of events and across many companies.

Bloomberg search screen to allow searching across different companies using different criteria

If you have any further questions on company documentation and how to find it, please contact our Business Librarians.

Public domain image by Pixabay. Available at:

Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tracey Nunn

A Business Librarian since 2006, Tracey leads support for taught MSc courses in the School of Management Library.

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