BMI Research changed its name and location to FitchConnect at the end of January 2020 – but please, do not despair! The country and industry data and analysis we have come to expect from BMI is all available via the new platform on FitchConnect. Read on for how to access it.

Industry and sector reports

To access the sector research, simply click on the ‘Sectors’ tab. The familiar sectors menu will open on the right, exactly as it did on BMI.

Sectors pages – courtesy of FitchConnect

Within each sector, select from familiar options available including ‘Daily Views’ and ‘Country Reports’.

Sector options – courtesy of FitchConnect

Country risk reports

The easiest way to access BMI’s country risk reports is via the ‘global search’ box at the top right of your screen. Simply type in your country name.

Country options – courtesy of FitchConnect

Select any country from the ‘Entities’ tab. (Please note that countries will always have the tag ‘Sovereigns’ under the country name).

Country homepage – courtesy of FitchConnect

From the country homepage, select ‘Country Risk’ from the menu. Select the report you require from the on-screen options (see below, bottom right).

Country risk – courtesy of FitchConnect

Data and forecasts

The BMI Data Tool has become more exciting courtesy of the new platform. Select ‘Data Tools’ from the menu bar, then ‘Interactive Charts’.

Accessing the Data Tool – courtesy of FitchConnect

Once you arrive at the Interactive Charts page, start by selecting your entities / geographies.

Interactive Charting – courtesy of FitchConnect

Once you have selected your geographies, choose your data items and date range. Finally, visualise your data via a wide variety of charts and tables.

Data visualisation – courtesy of FitchConnect

A quick video intro to the platform changes is available here. If you have any questions on FitchConnect or on any of the data and reports these services include, please contact MIRC.

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