If you are looking for Financial Times articles, look no further than Factiva!

There is a one-month embargo on content which means the most recent month is unavailable. Print copies of the embargoed month’s content are available on request.

To begin, navigate to Factiva from the MIRC pages: MIRC > Online business resources > International News > Factiva.

The next thing you need to do is limit your source to the FT.

On the search screen, click on the arrow next to ‘All Sources’.

‘Source’ menu

Next, click the plus (+) icon next to ‘Group: Financial Times’. Then select ‘Financial Times Print and Online’ by clicking on it once – the text will turn blue and you will see it added in yellow to your search.

FT added to search

Now you can type your search into the free text box, and all your results should be limited to those from the FT. You can change other parameters, such as the date, industry, or region, using the other search limiters on the search page.

Search results from the FT

You can see that my search results are all FT articles. To double-check the parameters of your search, look at the pale yellow header box.

To open an article, click on its title. You can read in the browser or use the options in the grey menu bar to download and save it.

You can download multiple articles at once by selecting them in the results list (using the checkboxes) and then clicking on the PDF icon.

For further support please contact mirc@cranfield.ac.uk.

Featured image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

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