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My PhD Journey at Shrivenham – Part 1

02/07/2020|Tags: , , |

My background is as an analytical chemist and a forensic scientist. I have a BSc and an Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science, and after I finished my Masters, I worked for a while as a scientist. However, I always enjoyed research, so I knew that I wanted to do a PhD at some point. When I came across the position at Cranfield, I thought the project sounded interesting and applied.

CFI group at the German electron synchrotron (DESY)

30/06/2020|Tags: , , , , |

A group of three PhD students from Cranfield Forensic Institute finished a four day visit to DESY, the German electron synchrotron in Hamburg. The group was led by Marleen Vetter, whose PhD project explores novel aspects of polymers under stress. This was this first time the scientists at DESY had used their state of the art X-ray Raman system to look at this sort of material, and they were very interested to see how it would perform.

Engineers, scientists, armed forces personnel and industry come together for the 52nd HRV Conference and Workshop

01/11/2017|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

We recently hosted the 52nd UK Conference and Workshop on Human Response to Vibration at the Sudbury House Hotel in Faringdon, just a few miles down the road from our base at Shrivenham. The conference ...

Who were the humans buried on Rat Island?

02/10/2017|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

One of them could have been a convicted criminal or murderer. One was likely a clay pipe smoker, and another had damage to his shoulder similar to that found on skeletons thought to be archers ...

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