Before you start using Mendeley with Microsoft Word you need to have installed the Word plugin. Instructions are available here.  If you have successfully installed the Plugin, Windows users will find the Citation plugin menu on their Word Ribbon in the References tab, see below. Mac users, check your Add-ins tab.


Within a document, whenever you wish to insert a citation, all you need to do is position your cursor at the point where the citation should be and click ‘Insert Citation’.


A dialogue box will appear where you can enter a term to search for the relevant reference.


Select the correct reference and click ‘OK’. If you are unsure, click on ‘Go To Mendeley’ to open your Dashboard and select it from there.  The citation will appear in your text. Simple!

If you need to edit a citation, e.g. to enter a page number for a direct quotation or to remove an author’s name when you have already mentioned them in your text, this is really easy too. Simply click on the relevant citation in your text and select ‘Edit Citation’ from the Ribbon options. You then need to click on the in-text citation to the left of the highlighted text below.


The following menu box will appear where you can make the changes you require. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.


Changes will be instantly reflected in your text.

At the end of your document, once all your citations have been inserted, return to the plug-in menu and select ‘Insert Bibliography’.  Your references should appear wherever your cursor was located.


Provided that you have selected Cranfield’s referencing style, i.e. Harvard-Cranfield, everything should be perfectly formatted!

Any questions on Mendeley, please feel free to contact either Kings Norton Library or MIRC!

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