Looking for company financials, transactions or financial market data for industries? Then look no further! Capital IQ provides access to these and more. Global coverage is available for both publicly quoted and private companies.

Access Capital IQ here. The first time you login you will need to register as a new user and set up your account. Please use your Cranfield email address to do this. See the following instructions:

You will be able to access this service from both on- and off-campus. An add-in is available for MS Excel and can be downloaded from within your profile. Go to ‘My CapitalIQ’ and choose Downloads from the menu. An Office plug-in is also available.

To access the Help guides (see below), click on ‘Help’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.

CapitalIQ Help

For more information about Capital IQ, check out our previous post here.

If you have any questions about Capital IQ or any of our other financial resources, please contact MIRC.

Feature image from Pixabay. Available at: https://pixabay.com/photos/business-stock-finance-market-1730089/

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