Looking for company financials, transactions or financial market data for industries? Then look no further! Capital IQ provides access to these and more. Global coverage is available for both publicly quoted and private companies, though more financial information is generally available for publicly quoted companies.

To look for a company, type its name in the top search bar and choose the appropriate organisation from the drop down list…

… or select the ‘Companies’ tab on the top command line and type the company name into the search box:

Searching using the Companies tab

Select the company name from the list to access the tearsheet (company profile) screen. Using the options on the left hand menu you can view and download further information on the company profile, structure, financials, estimates, peer analysis, M&A deals, etc. Data can be download in various formats.

Capital IQ menu

A screening tool is also available on the top menu bar. This enables searches for companies, transactions (M&A and IPO’s), etc., based on a set of pre-defined criteria.

The Screening tool

Capital IQ is now our source for Compustat data (in-depth historical financial data for North American companies). To access this data, use the ‘Compustat Financials’ menu on the left.

Compustat Financials menu

For those downloading large amounts of data, an add-in is available for MS Excel. To install this to your device, go to ‘My Capital IQ’ and choose ‘Downloads’ from the menu. An Office plug-in is also available.

First time users need to register for an account. Find out how here.

Capital IQ is available both on- and off-campus.

Feature image from Pixabay. Available at:https://pixabay.com/photos/business-stock-finance-market-1730089/

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