If you are using the new Mendeley Reference Manager, you will need to install the Mendeley Cite add-in to Word.

Occasionally there are problems with the add-in when it asks to be updated. So, if you are asked to update the add-in, you update it, and then get the message:

Screenshot of the 'update add-in required' message.

Here’s how to fix it! It’s very simple….

  1. Log out of your Office account by choosing ‘file > account > sign out’ in any Office application:
Screenshot of the 'sign out' option within an Office application.
  1. Close any Office applications that are already open on your computer.
  2. Update the add-in in Word ‘insert > my add-ins > admin managed > select Mendeley Cite > add’.
  3. Sign back in to your Office account by following the steps described in the first point above, but choose ‘sign in’ this time.
  4. The add-in should be updated.

Please email us at library@cranfield.ac.uk if you continue to experience problems.

Public domain image from unsplash.com

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