If you’re using Mendeley’s Citation Plug-in for Word, you will soon be ready to generate a bibliography of all the references you have cited. Here we’ll run through how quick and easy it is to do this. If you haven’t yet installed the Plug-in, read our post here on how to do set it up.

To insert your bibliography:

  1. In your document, position your cursor exactly where you wish to create your bibliography.
  2. Click on ‘Insert Bibliography’ on the plugin toolbar (for Windows users this will be in the ‘References’ tab, and for Mac users this will be in the ‘Add-ins’ tab).

Mendeley insert bibliography screen

3. Your bibliography will be created in the citation style you have chosen.

If you need to change the citation style at any point, click on the ‘Style’ drop-down box in the plugin toolbar to choose from 100’s of pre-set styles available within Mendeley. Read our previous post to find out how to add the Cranfield Harvard style to Mendeley.

Need to insert more citations after you’ve created your bibliography? Don’t worry. You can continue to add more citations at any time. Your bibliography will automatically update to include the new citation, and re-order itself.

If you have any questions about using Mendeley, contact Kings Norton Library or MIRC.

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