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Homepage / A quick guide to finding company financials

A quick guide to finding company financials


Financial sources can be extremely useful to any company research, giving anything from straight figures to an insight into company structure, ownership and strategy. Try the following resources:


Use for financial data and ownership information on UK and Irish companies, both public and private. No full-text analysis is provided. Fame will give you up to 10 years of financials – including balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and key financial ratios. Fame also gives details of company SIC codes (standard industrial classification) which can then be used to identify other firms in the same sector. From within any company report, access financials via the Table of Contents on the left.

Fame’s financials menu

Capital IQ

Financials are available for both publicly quoted and private companies worldwide, though more financial information is generally available for publicly quoted companies.

To look for a company, type its name in the top search bar. Select the company name from the list to access the profile screen. Using the left-hand menu you can view and download further information on the company profile, structure, financials, estimates, peer analysis, M&A deals, etc. 

The Financials/Valuations options on the left-hand menu provide access to a wide variety of financial variables. Data can be downloaded in various formats.

Key financials in Capital IQ

First time users need to register for an account. Find out how here.


Key financials are available for listed companies in the Company Snapshot section. Click on the link to ‘Financial Results’ in the snapshot page for 5 years of financials – including key ratios. Select from various statement types via the dropdown menu. Data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

Company financials in Factiva

All of our financial resources, including those mentioned above, can be accessed via our dedicated online business resources page for financials here. If you have any questions about sourcing company financials, please contact MIRC.

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Karen Stokes

Written By: Karen Stokes

A Business Librarian since 2009, Karen leads support for the Cranfield MBA courses, both full-time and Executive.

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