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Homepage / Introducing… Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals (BFF)

Introducing… Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals (BFF)


Are you looking for a course that provides an introduction to the key concepts involved in finance and investment? Then you should check out Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals (BFF).

Created by Bloomberg, BFF is a self-paced, interactive e-learning course, delivered through the Bloomberg terminal. Throughout the course, you’ll explore real-life scenarios through the perspectives of various professionals, helping you to manage your money and build an understanding of the different careers available across the finance sector.

It consists of 4 modules (taking approx. 90 mins each, 6 hours in total) which should be completed in the order that they are given, and which cover the following areas:

  • The Purpose of Investing
  • Types of Investment
  • Risk and Reward
  • Portfolio Management

By Taking Bff you will: learn hiw money flows through an economy; discover some of the investment strategies that can help individuals and businesses grow their money while navigating the varying risks associated with them; define responsible investing and its benefits to individuals, businesses and society; explore different career paths alongside some tools and strategies to help you pursue them.

After successful completion of the modules, you will receive a certificate of completion which is available to download and include on your CV or attach to your LinkedIn profile.

Access Bloomberg via the terminals in the Bloomberg Suite, School of Management Library.

To start the course, if you haven’t already done so, you will first need to create a Bloomberg account.  Learn more about how to do this here.

To get started on the BFF, you need to login to Bloomberg’s Certification pages. Simply type BCER <GO> into the terminal to open the Bloomberg for Education Certification menu. First you will need to create a separate login by signing up for the e-learning courses. You can then login and access the BFF modules as described above, in addition to Bloomberg’s BMC and ESG certification courses. Please bring your own headphones as there is video material included.

This is an introductory/intermediate level course with a focus on personal finance and careers.  If you are interested in a more advanced course, including an in-depth introduction to the use of the Bloomberg Terminal, you may want to try Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) or Bloomberg Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Book your Bloomberg terminal in advance. More information – and how to book – is available on our webpages. Remember to bring your own headphones. Bluetooth headset users should bring their dongle too!

If you have any questions about BFF or the BCER, then please contact the SOM Library.

Helen Holmes

Written By: Helen Holmes

An Assistant Business Librarian since 2023, Helen provides support for SOM students and staff

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