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Homepage / Introducing… Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

Introducing… Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)


If you’re looking for a course that provides an introduction to the global economy and financial markets, then Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) might be the answer.

Created by Bloomberg, BMC is an e-learning tool. It is an interactive self-paced certification course delivered through the Bloomberg terminal. The course content utilises Bloomberg data, news and analytics to teach financial concepts. It consists of a library of courses enabling you to learn more about the financial markets, and Bloomberg.

The Core Concepts course has 4 modules (takes approx. 8 hours) which cover the following areas:

  • Economic Indicators
  • Currencies
  • Fixed Income
  • Equities

Terminal Basics (approx. 2 hours) explains the Bloomberg terminal functionality including the keyboard, command line, tabs, menus and autocomplete to help navigate the platform and find the data. It also covers screening for stocks and bonds and downloading data to Excel. [Highly recommend to complete if you are going to be using the Bloomberg terminal as a tool for your assignments and  data collection for your thesis].

Commodities (approx 1.5 – 2 hours) introduces the background to the market, key players and how trades are made.

Equity Options (approx 1.5 – 2 hours) explains the Stock Options market and the language that is used and how trades work in this market.

Portfolio Management (approx. 2 hours) explains how to create a portfolio, learn how to invest in your portfolio and use tools to analyse the performance of your portfolio. [Please note: no live trading is possible on Bloomberg academic subscriptions].

After successful completion of the Core Concepts courses of the BMC,  you will receive a certificate of completion which is available to download and include on your CV or attach to your LinkedIn profile.

The BMC is currently available online please see our post Signing up to Bloomberg’s BMC with a class code for further information.

If using a physical terminal in the MIRC , or if accessing the Bloomberg terminal online Setting up a Bloomberg account and accessing a terminal, to access BMC you will need to make sure you have set up your Bloomberg account and have your own login.  You can then get started by typing: BMC <GO> in the top left corner of the screen.


If you have any questions about BMC, then please contact MIRC.

Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tracey Nunn

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