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Homepage / From a trip to MediaCom to working on a Marketing Consultancy Project – it’s an exciting year ahead on the Strategic Marketing MSc

From a trip to MediaCom to working on a Marketing Consultancy Project – it’s an exciting year ahead on the Strategic Marketing MSc


Welcome dinner Strategic Marketing

Orientation week…

We have started the academic year on a high. The height of excitement during orientation week for me, apart from getting to know our new cohort of course 🙂 was our student and faculty course dinner. It was a great opportunity for us all to get to know each other and to network in a social setting. Professor Malcolm MacDonald was the evening speaker. He discussed the importance of marketing and sales in the highly competitive global markets of the 21st century, and explained how deep understanding of customers is the key to success in both disciplines.

Many of the students have read books by Professor Malcom MacDonald and are aware of his status as a guru in the marketing field. It was very entertaining for them to hear from Malcolm and to meet him in a social setting.

Welcome dinner -Strategic Marketing

The year ahead…

We have an exciting year ahead on the course with a variety of “active” activities planned in addition to all the theory and reflection associated with studying for a Masters. Next month, we will be going to London to visit MediaCom which is one of the largest media agency networks. They will be sharing with us their approach to marketing communications and how they are working with their clients to help them to have more brand impact and to engage customers. During our time in London, we will also be visiting John Lewis Partnership to hear from Liz LeBreton, their Head of Brand and Social. Students will learn about the challenges of translating the iconic John Lewis High Street brand to an omnichannel retail world. This is a very significant demonstration of how the Cranfield family works – Sir Charlie Mayfield was in my MBA cohort when I was a Cranfield student and he facilitated this talk.

Throughout the year ahead, our students will have the chance to attend masterclasses with reputable industry partners who we are very excited to welcome to campus. They will provide insight into cutting-edge and innovative marketing techniques and practices. The masterclasses are an integral part of what we do here at Cranfield. They provide students with a way of understanding how to apply theory to practice; it also helps students to build their networks.

Our first guest speaker is an alumnus of the course who now works for Vodafone; he will explain how his career has blossomed since studying the course and will share some insight into his role in Marketing Analytics. A masterclass that always generates a lot of interest is about luxury brands. We will be visited by the Brand Director (who also studied here at Cranfield) of the luxury jewellery brand, Boodles. They will be providing insight about promoting products of such high value. In the New Year, masterclass topics will include the integration of marketing with service delivery and managing a PR crisis.

As if this isn’t enough excitement! Starting this term and spanning over to next term, students will have the unique opportunity to take on the role of Marketing Consultants for a company in a module led by Professor Stan Maklan. The Marketing Consultancy Project takes students through the process of providing advice to a real client. The project is very competitive and gives students a real insight to working for a marketing consultancy.

New faculty members…

We are very excited to welcome new members of faculty to our Marketing teaching team this month. Some of our “new” members of staff are already working at Cranfield University or are returning to Cranfield. Dr Carmine Basile has been researching the Digital Transformation of Marketing, Dr Dennis Esch will be joining the team to focus on branding and communications and Dr Tamira King will be returning to teach retail. We are also very pleased to welcome from Hull University Dr Ahmed Shaalan who is an expert in relationship marketing and social networks with a particular focus on smaller businesses.

Beth Rogers

Written By: Cranfield University

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