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Homepage / The Marketing Consultancy Project with Fitflop

The Marketing Consultancy Project with Fitflop



Hello folks! My classmates and I had the opportunity to work on a marketing consulting project as part of the MSc Strategic Marketing. Sounds interesting right? So, let’s get to more about it!

Each year, several top-tier companies partner with us as clients to complete the consultancy project. Past companies include; Google, Nike, Cobra Beer, InterContinental Hotels Group, Acer, Sainsbury’s and Adnams Southwold. This year we were lucky enough to work with Fitflop, a British designer and manufacturer of footwear that sells its products on a global scale.

So, what is the process? We were divided into consultancy teams and had to work on a challenging, real world marketing project for less than a week in cooperation with Fitflop. On the last day we delivered our final presentation to the client.

There are many benefits of working on such a project, starting with the skills we enhanced. First and foremost, we had the opportunity to develop our time management skills! We worked in a time-constrained environment and were required to set priorities and goals each day. We created and met deadlines, delegated work and organised a lot. Moreover, efficient teamwork played a key role in the successful completion of this project. In particular, we tested and improved our cooperation skills as we had to exchange ideas constantly, we designed, built and evaluated our strategy as a team, utilising the knowledge and skills we had gained during the course. Last but not least, the exposure to a real life situation is an invaluable experience as we gained an insight of how a real business works and frankly, it’s pretty demanding!

I am very grateful to Cranfield University for giving me the opportunity to gain such an experience and to get work with company leaders. I would also like to thank our Professor and supervisor for this project, Stan Maklan for his guidance and feedback! What will next year’s marketing consulting project will bring?


Tela Tsirou

Written By: Cranfield University

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