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Homepage / A day in the life of a Cranfield student!

A day in the life of a Cranfield student!


My name is Angela. Welcome to a day in my life as a MSc student in Strategic Marketing at Cranfield School of Management.

As the semester is officially over, I thought you would be interested to read what a student at Cranfield does and how it feels like. Now please, make yourself a cup of tea, sit comfortably and be ready to get a taste of a typical Friday at Cranfield!

8.00 AM – My alarm has gone off, I am now having a quick breakfast in my shared kitchen in Stringfellow Hall, Block 5, with Ale and Marc, my flatmates and favourite Aerospace students. We chat and prepare for the last day of the week! #TGIF

8.30 AM – I walk to the 8.30 AM class, Big Data Analytics. Love the class, the energy of Professor Maklan and Marketing Analytics; not so much the early wakeup call!

10.30 AM – We break up into teams to work on a dataset and present it to the whole class at the end of the session + grab a much-needed coffee.

12.45 AM – The presentation went well, we understood the concepts and the feedback was useful for the next presentation. The module for today is over and after a chat with the classmates, I head back to Stringfellow Hall for my lunch break.

As a good Italian as I am, I cook myself some pasta and eat it with Tariq, my third flatmate, PhD student in environmental science and gym enthusiast!

2 PM – Chill time is over and I head back to SoM (School of Management) because I have another team meeting (Go Team 1, Go!) for an upcoming Debate. In this case, preparation is key so we meet for a couple of hours to discuss the debate topic and the strategy we want to follow for our presentation.

4.30 PM – The team meeting is over, we are happy with what we have so far; thus, we decide to meet again on Sunday to structure the Power Point and try the debate. I decide to join Markus and Gohar, my friends and classmates, upstairs in a study room to study, prepare for the Monday morning class and work on my individual assignment.

6 PM – I leave SoM and decide to meet Gohar at the gym in 15 minutes for a good workout session together.

7.30 PM – We completed our workout, thus, we go back to our dorms. We will see each other later as it is Friday night and we always do something on the weekends.

~ Later in the evening ~

10 PM – I had dinner with all my flatmates and got ready for Friday Night. I leave Stringfellow Hall and cross the road towards Mitchell Hall. There, I meet my friends and we all go to CSA, Cranfield Student Association. Every Friday night they organize the dance floor and the bar is open till 2 AM in the morning. It is a great way to see not only the people we always hang out with, but also to meet students from other courses and the ones that live in Cranfield Village (Off campus).

2 AM – CSA is now closing. We danced, drank a couple of beers, had fun and laughed a lot! We all needed it after the week that just passed!

2.30 AM – Some friends go to someone’s house to party some more, while I join the others back to the hall. I am very tired and I can’t wait to fall asleep.

~ The day is officially over for me. Overall, it was productive and fun ~

Dear reader, I would like to add one last thing: I just described to you a typical and realistic day of my life here; but not all courses are structured like mine and the routines may vary according to the term, the class schedule and your own preferences!

I hope you found this blog post interesting and useful. Please leave me your feedback and ask as many questions as you can! I really enjoyed writing it because I relived my Friday on a Sunday.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you around on Campus soon!


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Written By: Angela Stimamiglio

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