How was your first semester at Cranfield University? Are you happy with your results from semester one?! Did you enjoy your first semester on campus? Well, I really enjoyed my first semester at Cranfield University! I met new friends, shared cultural differences, and expanded theoretical knowledge of supply chain management!

I am really excited for about this new semester, I cannot wait for it! During semester two, we have a warehouse visit and study tour to Malta to look forward to!  But before starting semester two, I would like to share how we celebrated the end of semester one – my friend Katja and I threw a party at Katja’s place. We prepared the party for about two weeks.

This was our invitation card for guests:

Kellys Christmas party invitation

After we finished our ‘Analytical Techniques and Statistics’ exam, we went to Milton Keynes to buy some stuff – lights to decorate house, salami, cheese, bread, sweets, etc..

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We wanted our guests to have a great time and be very happy!

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After the party night, we received loads of text messages from our friends.

“You guys know how to throw a party”

“It was an epic night! Thank you”

“Great party!”

Indeed, it was a great night!

We are not sure when we will have another party…but we will keep you updated!

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