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Homepage / Celebrating the end of semester one…

Celebrating the end of semester one…


School of Management students' party

How was your first semester at Cranfield University? Are you happy with your results from semester one?! Did you enjoy your first semester on campus? Well, I really enjoyed my first semester at Cranfield University! I met new friends, shared cultural differences, and expanded theoretical knowledge of supply chain management!

I am really excited for about this new semester, I cannot wait for it! During semester two, we have a warehouse visit and study tour to Malta to look forward to!  But before starting semester two, I would like to share how we celebrated the end of semester one – my friend Katja and I threw a party at Katja’s place. We prepared the party for about two weeks.

This was our invitation card for guests:

Kellys Christmas party invitation

After we finished our ‘Analytical Techniques and Statistics’ exam, we went to Milton Keynes to buy some stuff – lights to decorate house, salami, cheese, bread, sweets, etc..

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5073,5074,5072,5075″ width=”216″ height=”288″ title=”never”]

We wanted our guests to have a great time and be very happy!

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5056,5057,5055,5064,5059,5062,5070,5063,5060,5058,5061,5065″ width=”272″ height=”181″ title=”never”]

After the party night, we received loads of text messages from our friends.

“You guys know how to throw a party”

“It was an epic night! Thank you”

“Great party!”

Indeed, it was a great night!

We are not sure when we will have another party…but we will keep you updated!

Written By: Kelly Kim

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