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Homepage / Get to know your SWEE Student Academic Support team

Get to know your SWEE Student Academic Support team


School of Water, Energy and Environment Student Academic Support team

When you arrive at Cranfield you will be introduced to your Student Academic Support (SAS) team. We are your first point of contact and will look after you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

In the School of Water, Energy and Environment the team consists of:

  • Assistant Registrar – Catriona Rolfe
  • Student Academic Support Manager – Dawn Freeman

SAS Leads

  • Energy – Jessica Puttick
  • Design & Water – Heather Hill
  • Environment & Agrifood – Kirsty Cain
  • Research – Sam Skears
  • SAS Administrator – Krystle Singh

We are mainly here to support your academic progression but we can assist you with any problems you have, and if we can’t help you directly we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Please don’t ever feel alone, come and see us!

We will notify you if any of your marks are low and what the next step is. You will normally get the option to resit and improve on a particularly low mark, so please don’t worry about any low marks.

My favourite part of the job is graduation when I get to see you all looking smart in your gowns. I feel proud seeing you go up on stage to collect your award knowing I played a part in that journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I get a letter of confirmation for my sponsor?

Our Registry department produce all official letters for students. Please e-mail

When do I start working on my thesis and how do I get a project?

You will start working on your thesis at the beginning of May and if you find a project you want to work on speak to your Course Director about it. Alternatively, a list of all thesis projects is released (about the middle of April) for you to choose from.

When is graduation?

It’s the June after you complete your studies in September. We have a graduation team and they will contact you with all the information you need.

Does the University have school holidays?

No, the University is only closed for the Christmas and Easter breaks.

Top 3 pieces of advice:

Don’t worry about anything, come and see your SAS team.

Make sure you regularly look at the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment and your Cranfield e-mail as this is where all information will be communicated to you.

Attend all sessions arranged for you as they are all there to help you with your studies.

Kirsty Cain

Written By: Cranfield University

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