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Homepage / First module experience on Future Food Sustainability MSc

First module experience on Future Food Sustainability MSc


Cassava fufu served with goat pepper soup

I am glad I chose Cranfield University for my postgraduate studies. As I was going through the list of universities a year ago, Cranfield stood out for this one reason; its close partnership and links with industrial players. I experienced this first hand in my first module on the Future Food Sustainability MSc, ‘Principles of Sustainability’. We had an external delivered lecture and a very interactive session from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The session was on understanding the Circular Economy concept and why a shift from a linear economy is long overdue.

The quality of the lecturers has been world class, delivered by professionals who have vast knowledge in their fields of study. Classes in the tuition week were lively, with constructive and insightful questions from both students and lecturers. One that vividly comes to mind is Dr Paul Burgess teaching about the ‘doughnut economy’ concept and students remarking that the university should have provided doughnuts for that specific class to further their understanding. It is possible that there could be students who did not know what a doughnut is considering Cranfield’s high student diversity status.

At the end of the first week I gave my first ‘professional’ presentation, assuming the one we did during the induction week on making the delicious Ghanaian cassava fufu and goat pepper soup was a test run. (A picture is at the top for those who might have forgot.)

Since my arrival at Cranfield, I have already experienced a lot of new culture, made new friends and constantly learning a new thing each day. This week was my study week and the week to write my assignment, there were late nights working on this assignment. I am at ease now it is submitted and grateful for all the assistance I received from Clare Humphries in doing my references on Mendeley, to doing a more accurate library search. Overall, I have had good first module experience and I have had a great conviction that things can only get better in my future modules.

Bernard Benmark Kariuki

Written By: Cranfield University

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