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Cranfield University: the beginning of an auspicious future


Evaluation of microorganisms in practical sessions

My name is Miguel and I come from Spain. I have been studying Agronomic Engineering for the last five years at Córdoba University. Within this bachelor’s degree I focused my studies on the food chain and in order to continue learning about this topic I decided to come to Cranfield University to study Food Chain Systems MSc.

Among all the options available to continue with my career education, I chose Cranfield University since it is a postgraduate university with interesting links with business. It also has a great team of experts on the food chain course and all the required facilities to train students to be capable of solving the problems we have nowadays along the food chain.

To date, I have attended three different modules and they have met my expectations. Teaching hours taking place in lecture rooms as well as in laboratories have led to an in depth understanding of the field of study. It is also important to highlight that the broad experiences of the staff (a big group of professional researchers) which is of great help when it comes to students training. All of them are running different projects which is a good opportunity for students to keep on learning about a specific area of knowledge when carrying out their individual thesis.

Here at Cranfield, it’s not only activities focused on research development that can be found but also interesting activities at Cranfield Students Association or in the sports hall. For example, you can get involved in any sport team, in a discussion group, in a brass band, in a walking society, in dancing lessons and many others. In my case, I decided to try playing badminton where I had the opportunity to meet new people from different master’s programmes.

PCR samples preparation: practical sessions

PCR samples preparation: practical sessions

It is only a month and a half since I arrived at Cranfield, but I can assure you that it has met my expectations. I would recommend choosing Cranfield University to all these students who are thinking about keeping on with their studies after a bachelor’s degree. It has all what it takes to allow students to have a great experience and to learn a lot about, inter alia, Agrifood’s world.

Miguel Vega Castellote

Written By: Cranfield University

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