On both a global and personal scale, 2020 was a different, difficult and very sad year for all. For the food industry and ‘food research’ organisations, like us, hopes were pinned on 2021 being a breath of fresh air, the light at the end of the tunnel… yet somehow, we are still following the same challenging path.

Here in the U.K, as citizens, as researchers and as an education institution, not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but also the ups and downs of leaving the EU. These two major events have had considerable influence over the way we produce, transport and sell food in the UK. 

Indeed, all of this is happening, but at Cranfield we have done what I believe we do best. We have looked at this using our ‘Cranfield approach’. Here we believe that it is through these difficult times that we can learn the most. 

“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata. 

We look to the world with a different pair of glasses. With all that has happened, we are focusing on the new opportunities that have been presented to us. When looking at the food system, this has been, quite frankly, the biggest learning opportunity for many generations, and the way we use these lessons will change the future for generations to follow. 

Our food and feed systems have been tested. We have seen food shortages, problems with logistics, production… and there’s more to come. However, for us, this is the opportunity to learn ourselves and therefore offer a better learning experience to those who choose to come and learn with us doing research or our MSc courses.

We have been conducting research into the food and food related matter for more than 50 years. We continually learn and build our knowledge as we train the next generation of food industry employees. They will have the opportunity to make the food industry stronger, more resilient and better prepared to tackle adversity in the future. They will be equipped to transform the world, offering mankind true food security and safety. 

So, please don’t get lost in despair, as in our University the code of arms says “after clouds, light”.

Dare to join and help us change the world!

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