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Homepage / My first blogging experience

My first blogging experience


Irfan Ulla Shariff

Woah …!!! This is my first blogging experience in my life.

Yes, I have written some technical reports and a few contract documents while at work but never a blog. On top of this, we used to hear people talk about their blogging experiences and probably I have read one or two of them but never thought this day would come when I would launch my first one.

When Jitka MacAdam (Programme Director-Water) hinted on blog writing encouraging most of the students to share their first-time experiences at Cranfield university, I thought why not! Despite it being optional, it was a great start for me to try something new in a new environment.

My classmate Brenda further encouraged me when I shared my desire to start blogging. She went on to show me her past blogs, giving me an insight on how to pen down my thoughts and how blogging would improve my writing in the long-run. You see, it wasn’t about winning the blogging competition, what mattered to me is that I started experiencing a new writing journey and from it I would get more confidence to write more.

But the most interesting thing about this whole new experience is that for over an hour I have been unable to type anything. I had so many ideas and topics but no beginning point. I almost gave up.

Then my friends called me out to join them on a venture to Milton Keynes for shopping and I thought to myself, “why not use this chance to free my mind and start again.” Furthermore, as I was preparing to go shopping, I received a phone call from my friend called Irfan in India encouraging me to pen down my thoughts and how blogging was a good skill for me to grow.

I was encouraged and as I walked towards the bus stop, it was like a flash of ideas struck me, and here I was writing about my first blogging experience. With no laptop nor iPad, just my mobile phone, I have managed to write down my first thoughts while sitting on the UNO bus on my way to Milton Keynes.

I am glad I did not give up, and I am posting my first blog ever, and the feeling is amazing. I look forward to sharing much more through blogging, especially as a new student at Cranfield University. I would like to engage myself in making new friends, learning about different cultures and becoming a more diverse person. Of course, travelling all over Britain is part of my greater plan because I hope to see new places and create memories. There is no second thought that Cranfield University will help me grow both as an individual and a professional.

Thanks to Cranfield University, Jitka MacAdam and my friends, Brenda Wagaba and Irfan Ahmed.

MSc Advanced Water Management

Irfan Ulla Shariff

Written By: Cranfield University

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