I am a Chinese student currently studying Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc at Cranfield University.

The very first impression of Cranfield is the well-arranged campus with its wonderful natural environment, which is entirely different from the universities in big cities.

Since it’s the first time I have studied abroad, it’s really a big challenge for me to learn to live by myself, fit a totally new cultural environment and improve my oral English. Fortunately, during the registration week, enthusiastic staff really gave me a sense of family and relieved my anxiety.

When it comes to my study experience in Cranfield, I will always say that my classmates are so amazing. Many of my classmates have already been experts in the industry. During discussion sessions, I was astonished by their standard pronunciation, abundant knowledge, creative thinking and prudent attitude. I instantly recognised that I was surrounded by people who had so much knowledge on a topic I knew little about. However, I soon came to realize that being surrounded by such amazing people, will only benefit me throughout my time at Cranfield and contribute to the incredible year I have ahead, both socially and academically.

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