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Homepage / A memorable Christmas at Cranfield!

A memorable Christmas at Cranfield!


Arjun standing by a tree

As I worked in the water and wastewater industry in Bengaluru and was looking for a new shift in my career, the decision to pursue my master’s in this field was evident and futuristic, as the world needs water engineers. I started my search for a university that suited my interests and could offer good course content, which would enhance my skills and develop my knowledge, so that in the future I can deliver the best technological solutions for the community and industry. Cranfield University’s school of Water, Energy and Environment has one of the leading teaching faculties and state of the art facilities, which led me to choose to study my master’s in Water and Wastewater Engineering.

As I came to the university on October 9th 2020, I stayed in Chilver Hall, which is excellent student accommodation. The module soon started online and it was such a lovely opportunity to interact with all of the teaching faculty as they explained the best technologically advanced topics of beautiful water science. The friendly and caring approach of our teaching team from WWE is what makes the subject most interesting as well as informative. One of the nicest experiences was in the Vincent laboratory, where we had the best lab trial. Seeing and experiencing the new cutting-edge testing equipment and analysing our own results was a real test of my abilities. I thank Dr Jitka MacAdam and Dr Francis Hassard, as both of them supported a wonderful experience of a lifetime in that laboratory.

So as time progressed and we all entered into the Christmas holidays, during the lockdown we all wondered, what is to be done in this situation?

Well here is my experience… The University conducted great online interactive sessions during the holidays, that was so amazing as the events were held for students and also by the students.

The music club event gave a platform to showcase the skills of the students at Cranfield, as many of them presented their favourite songs sung by themselves along with their own musical instruments. It was such a delightful event where I witnessed some good singing talent!

Other events such as ‘Zoom pictionary’, ‘album of the year’ and the most entertaining quiz where we were to identify the name of the country based on the combination of three pictures, organised by Neysha Ahmed was a joyful one.

The events for Christmas Eve online did have education-based sessions, such as the virtual tour of the accident investigation lab. It’s an event where I came to know what it means to be an investigator, analysing dangerous accidents that have taken place in all streams of transportation.

The Defence & Security team hosted an event explaining about the kinetics and technology within the industry developed by Cranfield University – this was my favourite education-based session during the Christmas holidays. In that session I was amazed to have come across and to have seen such new development’s in defence technologies. Thanks to the team who made it happen!

On the day of Christmas 25th December 2020, it was a memorable and delicious one for me, as the Mitchell Hall had organised a pop-up restaurant with a variety of dishes at a discount offer, along with complimentary gifts, the most loved one was “CHRISTMAS PUDDING WAS YUMMY”.

I felt enjoyment by being involved in all of the events organised by Alison Whaley and the team, this is something that has touched my heart and mind, giving me good memories as a Cranfield student.

I thank the entire team at Cranfield University for making the Christmas holidays a joyful one.

Arjun Venkatesh

Written By: Cranfield University

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