Hello everyone, my name is Chang Song. I am the Communications Representative for the Red Stream for the 2015/16 Full-time MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme here in Cranfield University School of Management.

During the following 10 months or so I shall be sharing the overall Cranfield experience of myself and my classmates in this blog. Hopefully this could provide some insights for future students on what the student life is like in here.

Please do read on to find out my experiences during the first half month ๐Ÿ˜‰


Moving and settling in…

Time does fly! It has been more than two weeks since I moved to Cranfield. If you are wondering what all these boxes in the photo are below, well, please don’t freak out when I tell you that they are my belongs…

Lanchester Hall

They filled up an entire small van! The good news is that my room in Lanchester Hall is big enough for all of them and they all settled into their places by now ๐Ÿ™‚

The orientation week that followed was great. We spent time settling in and getting ourselves familiar with all buildings on campus, and most importantly, greeting with the faculties in the School of Management and all the other students on the course.

There were many good memories from the orientation week, but my personal highlight of the week goes to the ‘egg-dropping’ team-building exercise on Friday afternoon. Look what we’ve made!

LSCM Red 9

We are Red Team 9. Would you call it a birthday cake?

Before the first official lecture started on Monday the 5th October. A group of us gathered together for Chinese hotpot, yum yum…

Chinese Hotpot

Chinese Hotpot

The first week…

Professor Richard Wilding on SSCS

Professor Richard Wilding in SSCS class

Dr Benny Tjahjono on IOM

Dr Benny Tjahjono in IOM class

Kings Norton Library

Kings Norton Library

Drinks @College Arm Bar

Drinks @College Arm Bar on the Saturday night

The second week so far…

Dr Simon Templar on ACF

Dr Simon Templar in ACF class

Heather Skipworth in SCSS class

Heather Skipworth in SCSS class

Briefing from Course/Careers/Communications Reps

Briefing from Course/Careers/Communications/Social Reps

I promise there will be more ‘quality’ information that capture the intensity, hard work, fun, learning, environment and social aspects of all LSCMers’ experiences during the following months ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just keep an eye on the blog!

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