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Homepage / Visit to Waitrose NDC 🙂

Visit to Waitrose NDC 🙂



It was Monday 2nd November, and for the majority of the LSCM 15/16 cohort it was a good day to sleep in after the weekend as lectures started in the afternoon… but not for all of us! The last of the four groups had their visit to a warehouse… we went to Waitrose NDC in Milton Keynes.

When they told us that we’re going on a field trip to a warehouse, I thought, OK, it’s going to be a store with shelves and people picking items, seen this on the Discovery channel and worked in a couple of them too; boy was I wrong!

It was a HUGE structure hundreds of meters long, 20 meters high pallet shelving and a large number of pickers on forklifts and motorised palletisers. The sheer capacity of the facility and the volume of the operations were impressive to say the least.

We first met the people from Waitrose and people from K+N that operate it. They split us up in four groups and took us on a tour of the facility. The tour was great, got to see the whole operation of inbound logistics, storing, picking, stacking and the outbound logistics.

All in all, I must say… it was Amazing!

Group photo outside the Waitrose NDC @ MK

Group photo outside the Waitrose NDC @ MK

Group 3

Group 3

Group photo with the Waitrose and K+N team

Group photo with the Waitrose and K+N team


Written By: Keith Cortis

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  1. Chang_Song_ 05/11/2015 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    Sounds like you guys had a brilliant visit 😀
    Great photos by the way!

  2. Denyse Julien 06/11/2015 at 9:22 am - Reply

    I was there and it was a really interesting visit. Plus our hosts were so open and welcoming to us which made it even better.

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