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Homepage / The beautiful outdoors and how it welcomed me to the UK

The beautiful outdoors and how it welcomed me to the UK


Hiya!  I am Arjun Yadav. Studying at Cranfield so far has been a pleasure, and I have been enjoying my time on campus as well as exploring England. I have taken a keen interest in walking since studying here as it gets me out and about, as well as being around water!

Walking for me has been a great way to stay healthy, as well as release stress. So why not use this in the best meaningful way?

I have been an active sports individual since my school days and used to play lots of activities that are highly physically intense and energetic, those days were the most golden moments of my life as a student in Bengaluru, India. I was born and brought up in Bengaluru, which is one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Its capital state Karnataka is known for its gardens, parks, lakes, rock-climbing spots, and other adventure activities.

When I came to Cranfield in 2020 to study Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc, it was a jaw-dropping scene in the evening that greeted me. I witnessed such beautiful green scenery surrounding my student accommodation. For a student to study, whether it is a master’s or research, this environment refreshes and reenergises the brain for learning and delivering more during student life. On campus, I regularly walk and see the birds of England, flowers, and the beautiful sky. This made my time in Cranfield more encouraging and supportive during my master’s. I also am very grateful to Sue Richardson in charge of the student body CSA (Cranfield Student Association) for organising the CSA walks in surrounding areas where green lands and water bodies are being developed by local groups and councils for walkers are phenomenal.

I have seen many parts of the United Kingdom and taken part in several organised walks and very proudly completed the Lea Valley Walk of 29 km from Waltham Cross to the Thames’s famous Limehouse Basin Lock- an experience which I would do again. More recently I walked in a place called Merthyr Tydfil, in Wales. It was delightful and reminded me of the reason I became a water student. I have always been passionate about water flows and infrastructure engineering.

My time there was spent out and about, and one of the first things I did was find the path leading to the first water reservoir called Pontsticill Reservoir which started its operation in 1927. It is an amazing water structure that is still serving the local community by storing pure freshwater.

When I visited the reservoir and studied the structure, it is built with an amazing engineering design that stores and supplies water effectively and provides income to the remote location. Walking around the reservoir I met lots of people of all ages with whom I had the opportunity to discuss the culture and traditions of English and Welsh culture and, they were so interested in knowing about my native Kannadiga culture. It was also great to see so many taking part in sports in the ice-cold water. At 5 pm I reached the Neuadd Reservoir point and witnessed the foggy mountains and such beautiful scenery.

I would like to thank Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Water for the best maintenance and development of that locality and for local native Welsh people for the love and respect that provided during my solo walk and were supporting my cause in promoting awareness of autism @wewalkforautism and #waterconservation @wateraid. So, my university friends, students, researchers, and staff, please walk for happiness for better heart and brain activity. Good luck to all.

Arjun Venkatesh

Written By: Wayne Coulter

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