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Homepage / First Field Trip of LSCMers To River Island Magna Park Distribution Center

First Field Trip of LSCMers To River Island Magna Park Distribution Center



Hello Everyone!This is Ning Wu(Winnie). I am one of the Communication Representatives from the Yellow Stream for the 2015/16 Full-time MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management(LSCM) programme in Cranfield University School of Management(SOM). I’d like to share each wonderful moment here in SOM of Cranfield University with all your involvement.If you should be interested to write your fulfilling study life or any fancy pictures captured,Pls don’t hesitate to post and share.

Today on 15th,Oct,We had our first field trip after forningt’s busy lectures.The whole LSCM was divinto 4groups on separate visit to companies like River Island, John Lewis, Argos and
Waitrose.Below I’d like to share my visit to River Island as a vistor.

It took exactly about 15minutes to arrive at the reception of River Island, which is based in the Milton Keynes.River Island comprises of two buildings joined together by two bridges actually.DC 1 is where all flat goods are received, stored and picked and dispatched from.DC 2 stores all hanging merchandise and the cloth department.


River Island DC 2

I felt really excited as this was the first time I got the lens to take such a close look at the one of the UK’s high street fashion brand.Delightfully ,we had the company manager to introduce the whole process all the way in detail.


The whole River Island Group of LSCMers with the Company Manager and Course Director Denyse

Look ,the pick face for flatgoods with pick locations(low level locations) and back up( high level locations).All the flat packs garments and merchandise were to be stocked and sorted by style ,product before ready to be picked.You may wonder how to replenish the lower level pick face on demand season ?Don’t worry,They got the forklift to help.


Forklift to reach the high level


Pick Face

If merchandise is found to have a problem with Kimball tags or packaging, they will be sent to the Kimballing Team.Then, the flat goods waited for their shop label and loading to put to the store.


Flat goods to be checked before on pick face

Also ,the DC dealt with diversity in the term of packaging.The automatic Hanging conveyor transfered the hanging merchandise to assinged storage areas,which kept the efficiency of the line.


Hanging goods and hanging conveyor above


Tape Bundle

Watch out!The Hanging Goods Receiving !


Hanging Rail


Vistor’s eyes on the fashion

To keep all the record of all the goods information, the secrete weapon is the slot gun used for scan with poweful IT system support.

Check In Desk For Scan Gun

Check-in desk for scan gun

The truth is that the River Island Magna Park Distribution Center as the only distribution centre serves all River Island stores around the world.While the key for their continued efficiency as said is the ability to review forecasts and plan for eventualities,to me maybe more to be explored.

Written By: Ning Wu

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  1. Chang_Song_ 16/10/2015 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Wow… Very impressive! Thank you Winnie for sharing this wonderful experience with us 😉

  2. Denyse Julien 20/10/2015 at 11:13 am - Reply

    Wow Winnie. That is a really great overview of our visit. It was really interesting to see their operations.

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