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Homepage / Cranfield University Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associates – transforming businesses through academic expertise

Cranfield University Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associates – transforming businesses through academic expertise


Recently, Associates from Cranfield University, who are employed full time on KTP projects based at companies around the UK, came to Cranfield campus to network and share their experiences. It was a relaxed, informal day with the emphasis on building relationships and learning from each other.  We were lucky to have some former Associates join, plus one of Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Advisers, who shared their top tips on how to get the most out of the KTP Associate experience.

It was great to be able to meet face to face again and many of our current Associates were able to attend, representing the diversity of businesses in our current portfolio.

At Cranfield University, we have a portfolio of diverse projects with businesses that are run under Innovate UK’s KTP scheme. KTPs are a unique three-way collaboration that bring together world-class university experts, a qualified graduate (Associate) and ambitious industry partners to accelerate their strategic innovation and growth. Knowledge is developed and transferred into the industry through a full-time Associate (who is employed by the university but works at the company site). KTP projects are also expected to lead to benefits to the University in terms of teaching, research, publications and enhanced relationships with industry.

The Associate’s role is to work with the company and university team to develop the knowledge required to solve a particular challenge the company is working on.  They embed the technology or techniques required to maintain the new capability in the company after the project successfully completes. Associates make a real impact within the company they work in, helping it to innovate, grow and develop, whilst also building their own skills and achievements. KTP is one of the UK’s largest recruiters of recently qualified graduates. Positions are available across the UK, with up to 500 jobs created each year.

Our Associates also enjoyed a tour of the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements aircraft housed at Cranfield University – a world-class research facility dedicated to the advancement of atmospheric science.  We are looking forward to getting together again in the near future.

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Lianne Doyle

Written By: Paula Battle

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