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Homepage / Finding brokers’ and analysts’ reports in MIRC

Finding brokers’ and analysts’ reports in MIRC


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If you are researching a company’s performance over time or analysing the impact of a corporate transaction, valuable information can be sourced from analysts’ reports.

What are analysts’ reports and why might I need them?

Also known as brokers’ reports or research reports, these kinds of documents from financial institutions such as RBS, Crédit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, etc. provide expert analysis on company and industry performance. 

MIRC’s most comprehensive source for analysts’ reports is Thomson One. In addition to providing comprehensive company financials for listed companies and a growing number of private firms, it also allows you to search across thousands of reports from a wide range of banks and brokerage houses.

Sourcing analysts’ reports in Thomson One

  • From the Thomson One homepage, type the company name into the main search box and select from the options presented.
  • When the Company Overview is displayed, scroll down until you see the heading ‘Latest 5 Research Reports’ (generally at the bottom of the left-hand column). Click on any title to view table of contents and through to full-text.
  • If you want to look at older reports, click on ‘Complete List’ at the top right hand side of this section.
  • To open (and download) any report as a pdf, click on its title.  When you reach the Table of Contents page, see below, either click to ‘Select all Reports’ or select from the individual sections before you click on ‘View.’ 
  • To export multiple reports to one pdf from your results screen, use the checkboxes on the left to make your selections before clicking on ‘View.’ 
More Selecting multiple reports to export

More advanced searching

The Advanced Search function allows you to run a more targeted search by adding criteria, or to search for industry reports amongst other things.

  • To access the advanced search page, select ‘Screening and Analysis’ from the Thomson One navigation menu, then ‘Research’ then ‘Research Search’. 
  • Use the search options to build your search. 
  • Bear in mind that Thomson One defaults to a date range of the last 90 days so remember to amend this to suit your requirements.
The Advanced Research screen
  • When you have entered all of your criteria, click ‘Search’ at the bottom. 

Thomson One is currently accessible from off-campus via the VMWare Horizon Client. For more information, please read our post here.

If you have questions on any aspect of company or industry research, please pop in and see us or contact MIRC.

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Written by: Karen Stokes

Written By: Tom Jaycocks

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