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Homepage / How I funded my Master’s degree, and other useful tips for new students

How I funded my Master’s degree, and other useful tips for new students


Martell House, Cranfield University

After a year of enriched curriculum study, I am now close to finishing my course. Looking back on the year I’ve spent at Cranfield, I can definitely say that accepting the offer to study here was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Before I came to Cranfield, I worked for Emirates Airline in Dubai for three years, which was my introduction to the air transport industry. I found my passion in air transport and I wanted to take on more responsibility, so I decided to do an MSc course that relates to Management. Cranfield University was introduced to me by a famous agency in China. At first I wasn’t sure whether or not to apply because Cranfield didn’t appear to be in any general ranking. However, after I did some internet research, I began to learn how unique Cranfield is and how great their reputation is. After I went through the course introduction page, I found out that MSc Airport Planning and Management suited me perfectly. Not only does it provide the general knowledge on management but also on the air transport industry, and on management specifically within this context.

The application process was very straightforward and I got a response quickly. I found the staff to be extremely approachable and efficient. Whenever I sent an email, they came back to me within one working day. The University also offers an airport pick-up service, which is a useful tip for students arriving this year who may be worried about finding their way to campus. When I arrived in the UK, instead of going to Cranfield directly from airport, I decided to travel around London a bit with my family. I thought I wouldn’t be able to use the pick-up service but the driver contacted me directly and picked my family and I up from the hotel where we stayed, and brought us to campus. Amazing!

When it came to funding, unfortunately I missed the University scholarship application deadline. However, I still got a chance to apply for my course’s scholarship which was sponsored by Air Cargo News this year. It was a really helpful source of funding for international students like me. Another useful tip for students is to look at all the various funding options on offer, as there are plenty!

When I started my MSc course, I found it was very practical. There were a lot of lectures from industry experts such as the ex-president of ICAO and the president of BMI, which gave us access to their cutting-edge knowledge. I also had the opportunity to volunteer in the European Aviation Conference in 2015, held at Cranfield, where I met industry leaders and listened to fantastic presentations by people such as the president of Turkish airlines.

During thesis preparation, the senior lecturer was extremely helpful in assisting us to find and decide on our thesis topics, and worked hard to allocate the most suitable supervisor for everyone. My supervisor is very approachable and professional. He set up regular meetings which allowed me to discuss every question or concern I had at any stage during my thesis work. Other students I know are also very happy with their courses and supervisors – most of whom have a huge amount of experience and real-world impact to support their students.

If you are determined to devote yourself in the air transport industry, and you want to obtain the most cutting-edge knowledge; from my experience, Cranfield is a unique University that provides exactly that.

Find out more about funding your studies, research opportunities, or visit our Centre for Airport Transport Management

Xiaoyan Luo

Written By: Cranfield University

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