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Homepage / My Cranfield Journey So Far – Management MSc Student, Benny Cherian

My Cranfield Journey So Far – Management MSc Student, Benny Cherian


Travelling from India to the United Kingdom to enhance my career has been one hell of a ride, but it all came together in the end!

On the 27th of September, our induction week kicked off, and to be honest I was a bit nervous about finding my place amongst such a talented group of people who are a part of the Master’s in Management cohort. However, all it took was a simple ‘Hey’ to break the ice. All my fellow students were welcoming, and I quickly overcame my shyness and mixed with the crowd.

When I arrived on campus, I struggled at first as I did not know my way around. Reggie’s, the Co-op and Cranberries were names without any meaning until one day I went to Reggie’s, one of the many campus eateries, with my friends. It wasn’t that big of an achievement, but for me, it was the first step to getting to know a little more about the place where I’ll be spending my next year. I also visited the CSA building, another local eatery where I came to learn that asking to cut a burger in half might be illegal!! Phew..!!

And then our learning teams were introduced! The learning team is supposed to be your nuclear family that is a part of the joint family of the Management course. We immediately created our group and have cherished a playful yet strong bond ever since and are working hard to deliver the best work we can. The immense confidence displayed by everyone in the group also helps me to face anything and everything that comes our way.

(Photo Credit: Arpit Satwik)

When the modules were announced there was a lot of excitement. The energy level in the stream was suddenly very high. You could sense the readiness of everyone to work with their peers. Furthermore, our course lecturers took the learning experience to another level, but you had to do your preparations before the classes to make sure you fully absorbed all the information. I have never had an interest in economics, however, the module content, classroom activities, discussions, presentations, and case studies have awoken a forever sleeping economist inside of me; well figuratively.

The subjects offered in our electives cover a diversified set of interests, which help us as future managers to understand different niches that can be pursued and developed in our careers.

My first semester has been full of challenges, learning, and fun. My self-confidence has grown exponentially, and I am genuinely excited to see what my second semester has to offer. I intend to take advantage of any new experiences that come my way.

I have so much more to say about my Cranfield experience.  Keep an eye out for my next blog which is, coming soon.

P.S To all my fellow classmates, and if there are any who still feel anxious, remember that it only takes a ‘hey’ and a smile to get a conversation started!!

Benny Cherian

Written By: Alix Elwin

Benny is a Management MSc student at Cranfield School of Management, studying in our 2021/22 cohort.

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