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Homepage / Why I chose to study in the UK and not the USA

Why I chose to study in the UK and not the USA



I’m Alexis from Mexico, I write this blog as a summary and reflection of my first five months at Cranfield! It’s crazy how quickly time flies! I’m studying for my Aerospace Manufacturing MSc and was awarded by Cranfield University with the Manufacturing and Materials Excellence Scholarship. I arrived at Cranfield University in October 2021, and since day one it’s been a great journey, full of learning, new experiences, great professors, amazing friends, and extraordinary moments with a lot of laughs!

So, why take an 11-hour flight to the UK and choose Cranfield?

“Why the UK and not the USA?” Is a question that I used to hear in the first few days after I arrived, and to be honest, I am not sure how to answer that question! Mainly because going to the USA to do my MSc was never one of my wishes. I wanted to go further afield and get completely out of my comfort zone, take a bigger challenge! So far it has been one of my best life experiences by choosing to study overseas in the UK!

Cranfield caught my eye from the moment I saw the MSc programmes and how well recognised they are. Looking at the high-tech facilities and experiences of MSc students on social media coupled with webinars with the Course Director made me feel that Cranfield was the best choice for my career and goals!

How is it going on the Aerospace Manufacturing MSc and other academic activities?

Up to this point, I’m placed with the Aerospace Manufacturing MSc. During the modules, I learned and discovered technological innovations where you can tell where the future and research are going! My MSc has been challenging at times, but after finishing a module week or uploading an assignment there is always the nice feeling in the mind and muscles getting relaxed for a couple of minutes (before jumping to start the next assignment) feeling that all the effort has been worth it!

At this time, I have finished my taught modules and I am currently working on my group project (yes, no more assignments!) which is about a Sustainability Assessment of Aerospace Manufacturing: an eco-social analysis of aerospace metallic structures. The project is looking promising and fun so far!

Aside from the modules of the MSc, I had got the opportunity to take part in other academic activities such as the “Horizontal Innovation Think Tank” where we are carrying out interesting projects related to sustainability. I got the opportunity already to meet and do research interviews with a couple of CEOs from Hi-tech hardware UK start-ups.

I have also taken part in fun activities where I felt famous for a moment! Such as the “Manufacturing and materials week students panel 2021” where I got the opportunity to talk about life at Cranfield, and specifically life as a manufacturing student through a live online broadcast.

Knowing people and making friends

Getting to know people is one of the best parts of Cranfield. From the first seconds I stepped into Cranfield I realised that there is a very international atmosphere here, with people from so many different countries, cultures, and professional backgrounds.

In the first moments, I was a mixture of excitement and feeling a little overwhelmed! But my confidence has built up pretty easily and fast because everyone was looking to have a chat and get to know new people from all around the University and from all the courses!

In fact, I met one of my favourite people at the bus stop, while I was confused and trying to figure out how to get back to Cranfield Village! I still haven’t stopped meeting people and of course, there is time to have fun with friends and travel around after a hectic week of classes and assignments to balance the student vs personal life!

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Chinese New Year’s celebration

Alexis Aguado Arias

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

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