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Homepage / From the group project to my thesis – the final few months of my Cranfield MSc…

From the group project to my thesis – the final few months of my Cranfield MSc…


Mitchell Hall at Cranfield University

It’s hard to appreciate what makes Cranfield different before you come here but the combination of academia and industry, of postgraduate and PhD students, in a really multicultural environment does actually set it apart from other universities. My lectures are given by experienced professors and external industrial executives in an interactive way. Case studies with real scenarios, simulation games, and videos have kept my attention during the whole lecture day.

The group project was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge to industry and get real, practical work experience at the same time. Being part of a multicultural group of people from different academic and national backgrounds is an unforgettable experience. I would say that working, eating and living together for three intensive months, visiting the companies, collecting data, doing presentations to the consortium, moving to another city for a particular period of time are the highlights of the group project – it also adds a lot to your CV. The celebrations after the end of the group project presentations were great for team spirit and boosted my confidence. It was a special way to recognise our successful and professional work.

At Cranfield I have developed good relationships with the academics and the university staff, and although most people only stay on campus for one year, kitchen gatherings, sports activities, dancing salsa, going on day trips to beautiful Cambridge or to the castle of Warwickshire help you develop and maintain deep relationships with your colleagues.

I had one weekend off as a break after my group project and then it was time for my thesis project! It covers the last four months of the academic year. You can pick what you want to focus on. Maybe you have to travel to another city or to another country in order to work, doing your thesis at the same time. It’s very much up to you to manage the project yourself, and it has been a great opportunity for me to transform my knowledge. Continuous improvement, continuous feedback, and hard work are the three key things that characterize these four months! Either way, if you move or stay at the campus during your thesis, we still have one last presentation in September, which I’m really looking forward – a chance to catch up with colleagues and celebrate the end of one wonderful year full of challenges and adventures.

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Ioannis Dimitriadis

Written By: Cranfield University

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  1. François Brault 11/08/2016 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    Hi, how interesting to see the evolution of the studies at Cranfield! Thanks for your post.

    François Brault
    Cranfield MSc Design of Production Machines and Systems 1984 !
    (Université de Technologie de Compiègne double degree programme)

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