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Homepage / Bangkok is full of suprises

Bangkok is full of suprises


It doesn’t matter where you turn, there is something to learn from Bangkok. I travel a lot for work but I have never been to Thailand and I was eager to learn as much as I could about Supply Chain operations!

Throughout every aspect of the visit all the companies we visited were so open and welcoming. Quite frankly they answered all we could throw at them in terms of demonstrating issues they face locally and internationally and they openly discussed the things that were working and could be improved. I’ve never experienced that level of candour and praise it entirely.

Our MSc group consists of extremely senior senior supply chain leaders and experts in international operations and we all walked away from every single visit feeling our eyes had been opened to new areas.

Personally I loved the Ducati tour. I love motorcycling and only stopped riding after a crash. I’ve fixed motorcycles before and went through a couple of years worth of courses to do it but it was amazing to see these beautiful bikes being built by their team and obviously discuss assembly line constraints and efficiencies. Short of taking a bike home, there wasn’t much more I could ask for!

Our trip was finished up with a bit of a tour of the city and some street food that made the whole thing authentic!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Cranfield, Denyse and Benny for putting on such a high level of organisations for us to visit. It’s truly an experience I am not going to forget soon.

I’d also like to thank my colleagues who made the trip so enjoyable. From the five Weis to Harry’s smoulder (below!!) and cutting bananas they made it truly special.

Same time next year!?

Chris Cavendish

Written By: Cranfield University

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