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Homepage / Binus is the business!

Binus is the business!


Written by : Chris D & Richard W

Well after being on average 104 minutes early to each of the visits so far this week it was inevitable that the infamous Jakarta traffic would catch up with us at some point, the congestion certainly placing a strain on some group members.


Upon arriving at Binus University we were warmly greeted with a lavish spread (including v hot curry!) and a larger than expected group all eager to learn about key supply chain challenges and opportunities.


The session began with a traditional Balinese dance performed fantastically by a research member of the University staff.


Benny and Denyse then both introduced Cranfield University to the local attendees and went on to discuss two of the hot topics in today’s supply chain: sustainability and industry 4.0.


Our own Anne Britt Bekken then did a grand job in outlining Tine’s own journey to Operational Excellence and Supply Chain Collaboration. None of the group expected such an attendance so we were all immensely proud of the job Anne did, well done Anne!



Hariyanto Salim, President of Indonesian Production and Operations Management, then delivered an engaging and highly informative overview of the ongoing development and specific challenges facing Indonesia’s own supply chain.


The presentations were concluded by Dwight Marshall Saluding, Supply Chain Director of a top secret leading Indonesian company, who went on to discuss further challenges facing specific areas of the end to end supply chain.

Questions followed, and followed, with panel members doing a great job in providing honest answers to some probing and long questions.


A big thank you to Binus University staff and students for organising the event and being terrific hosts!



Christopher Dixon

Written By: Cranfield University

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