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Homepage / “Justice: not Charity”

“Justice: not Charity”


A truly inspirational day, meeting Mr Purnam the Governor of Jakarta


But first, the team had to top up on caffeine (jet lag is not our friend)








Mr Governor is a man who leads from the front with charisma and transparency. We could understand why his style was described as positively ‘unique’. A very open and personable character, happy to deal with our questions, even on controversial subjects like the bay reclamation project.

image3The questions posed ranged from the challenges around the transport infrastructure, ongoing work to combat corruption, benefits of doing business in Jakarta and how these exciting plans are to be funded.


The Governor explained that his vision is for the people of Jakarta to have, a full brain, full stomach and a full wallet.

His style was inclusive and open, happy to have his ideas challenged.



Maybe a little too open letting Becky sit in the big chair…

Hopefully the power hasn’t gone to her head!





This approach to openness and trust is perfectly demonstrated in the ‘Smart City’ programme.

Here watchful eyes use the likes of CCTV and Social media to look after the city. A resident can raise an issue via a Smartphone App and the team will deal with it.


Information available included the likes of live status of Jakarta’s now infamous traffic flow (or the lack of).

Progress is tracked by visual performance measurement that would have impressed our own Dr Andrey Pavlov..


Genuine thanks from Team Palm Nuts and the 2016 study tour group to Denyse, Benny and the Governor’s office for a truly special day.


Kevin Bates

Written By: Cranfield University

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