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Homepage / Final Day in Jakarta and KaDO (Martha Thilaar) Visit

Final Day in Jakarta and KaDO (Martha Thilaar) Visit


So the final day is here and we are off to a mini retreat at Kampoeng Djamoe Organik (KaDO), a holistic organic company which manufactures and markets a range or organic beauty products. Not too sure how the guys feel about this one! Lol!

The team was warmly welcomed in ‘island style’ with flowers, hats and dainty glasses of ginger and lemon grass tea (this certainly helped those of us with the sniffles!) Then, we walked through the plantations and had a look at the different types of herbs and plants used for making beauty products and cosmetics.


Fancy hats!

Herbs and flowers

Herbs and flowers

After our tour of the plantation we were treated to lunch and mini massages (reflexo-therapy).. How divine!

Lunch: Indonesian Style!

Lunch: Indonesian Style!

Getting pampered after a hectic week!

Getting pampered after a hectic week!

In the afternoon, we learnt a bit about the drivers of the business from Dr. Richard who explained that modern medicine in Indonesia is slowly diminishing and the need for medical doctors becoming less and less prevalent. This has alot to do with a strong cultural belief in traditional medicinal approaches and a tendency to consume ‘jamu’ (herbal tonics meant to build immunity and good health) on a daily basis.

To ensure quality products for consumers, KaDO engages closely with its suppliers, providing training, guidance and clear specifications for growing and handling organic herbs and spices for input into the production process. The result is a wide range of organic beauty products and cosmetics which the team had the opportunity to purchase at very good prices!

Stacy-Ann Sarwan

Written By: Cranfield University

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