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Homepage / Have your say on how the country is run

Have your say on how the country is run


Voting sign

In case you have missed it, on June 8, the UK will be holding a General Election. This election will decide which person represents you in Parliament and ultimately who runs the country.

If you are frustrated by the direction the UK is going or cheering it on from the rooftops, this is your chance to have your say.

Before June 8, there is a very important date – May 22. This is the deadline for people, to register to vote, if they are not registered already.

You don’t just have to be a British citizen to vote in a General Election. You can register if you are an Irish citizen or a citizen of a Commonwealth nation, British Overseas Territory and British Crown Dependency. Luckily, the Your Vote Matters website has produced a handy list of countries, so you can easily check whether you are eligible to register.

It’s really easy to register to vote, you can do it online here:

Once you have registered online, and you are eligible, then you can join millions of others across the country and have your say on June 8.

If you have never voted before or never voted in the UK before, there is a simple guide on the different ways that you can vote, including by post –

Hannah Keep

Written By: Cranfield University

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