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Use academic libraries across the UK for free!


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If you are studying or working away from our two University sites, you may find it more convenient to use a library service nearer to you.

The SCONUL Access scheme gives all our staff and students free access to other university library services across the UK and Ireland. The libraries you will be entitled to use will depend on which user category you fall into (postgraduate or PhD student; full time or part time; academic and support staff).

Which library services will I be able to use?

All SCONUL Access members are welcome to use library stock for reference purposes. Depending on your status you may also borrow up to three items on a six week loan basis. Before you visit, we recommend you search the participating Library’s catalogue to make sure the items are available and that SCONUL Access members are entitled to borrow them.

Membership does not entitle you as a visitor to use another library’s online resources or use their computers. However, Cranfield University is a member of the eduroam wireless service so you will be able to access the internet and our own online resources from the library you are visiting via your laptop. Please ensure you have set up your eduroam account prior to your visit.

How do I join?

Visit the SCONUL Access website and enter your details. You can then see a list of all the libraries you are entitled to use within the scheme. Select the first library you wish to visit and fill in the online form to apply for access.

We will check your application within three working days to ensure you are a registered user with no outstanding problems on your account. Once your application is approved you will receive an email confirming your eligibility for the scheme.

What should I know about visiting another library?

You just need to take a copy of your approval email and your Cranfield University library card to the library that you wish to join and they will issue you with their own library card. You will need to take this membership card with you each time you visit. Please remember to abide by the rules of the library you are visiting.

We recommend you check the website of any library you intend to use prior to your visit for their opening hours and any conditions of access. For example, you may need to supply a passport-sized photograph for your membership card or new cards may only be issued during office hours. Some libraries also restrict the times at which SCONUL Access members are able to visit, particularly during the April-June period.

What if I want to visit more than one other library?

If you wish to visit another library that is part of the SCONUL Access scheme, you do not need to reapply. Just take a copy of your approval email and your Cranfield University library card when you visit.

Join the SCONUL Access scheme

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Karyn Meaden-Pratt

Written By: Karyn Meaden-Pratt

Karyn is the Library Communications Manager and University Archivist.

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