Have you been tasked to research the food and drink industry? Are you looking to find out the market share of the confectionery market, or the top players in the soft drinks market? If so, then look no further than our top picks for resources to get started with:

FitchConnectFood and drink industry - BMI

In-depth industry reports on over 100 countries and regions of the world. The Food and Drink Report includes a SWOT analysis, a market overview for food, drink and mass grocery retail, competitor information and company profiles. Industry forecasts for food, drink, and consumer outlook are also included.

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Previously knows as BMI Research. Reports updated quarterly.


Market reports offer a consumer-focused overview of the food and drink industry in the UK. Current reports include Breakfast Eating Habits, Ice Cream and Desserts, Chocolate Confectionery, Consumer Snacking, World Cuisines, Free-From Foods and lots more. Content covers market size, market trends, SWOT analysis, consumer attitudes, market forecasts and company profiles.

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Users must accept Mintel’s Conditions of Use to access the site. Reports updated every 12-24 months.


Includes reports for many countries on various aspects of food and drink including food retail, organic, frozen and baby food, soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic drinks. Reports include market commentaries along with Porter’s Five Forces analyses, and profiles of leading companies. Individual profiles are also available for major companies worldwide.

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Reports updated every 12-24 months.

Food and drink industry


Full-text access to UK and US industry reports, and global industry analysis across a wide range of sectors. Current reports cover many areas of the food and drink wholesaling, retailing, and manufacturing sector, including Fruit & Vegetable Retailers, Coffee, Tea & Spices Wholesaling, Wine production, and Prepared Meal Manufacturing. Content includes a detailed analysis of the current industry performance, competitive landscape and future outlook. You can find reports easily by browsing by industry sector, by SIC or NAICS codes or search by keyword.

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Reports are updated three times per year on average.

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