Many theses and internship reports will include some primary research, in the form of interviews, surveys or questionnaires. You may have carried these out yourself in the process of your research – or you may be referring to previous research done by someone else.

No matter who the author is, this kind of research has its own format for citations and references within your work.

Also, before you include such information, bear in mind that if you are referring to communications which are not publicly available, you must have the permission of the parties involved before you use them in your work.

All set? Read on to find out more…

So what do you need to include in your reference?

  • Interviewee / recipient name (Surname, Initials)
  • (Year of interview)
  • Title of interview / survey / questionnaire if available
  • Interviewed by: Full name of interviewer
  • Day / month of communication.

Any what might the finished product look like? 

  • Bloggs, J. (2017) Management of absenteeism in manufacturing. Interviewed by: Fred Smith. 15 March.

When you cite from this item in your text…

Do as you would for any other item. Either incorporate the author and date into your text or add them within brackets afterwards – so (Bloggs, 2017) or any variation thereon.

If you have any questions about this or any area of referencing, please contact Kings Norton Library or MIRC.

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