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Homepage / Re-registering for an expired Workspace licence

Re-registering for an expired Workspace licence


Have you received an email telling you that your access to Workspace will expire shortly?

Don’t panic! All Workspace licences are set to automatically expire after 2 months.  This is because we have a pre-arranged number of licences and this enables us to rotate the licences to those who need them.

Renewing your licence is easy.  Simply register as per the first time you registered for Workspace, following the instructions here,  Registering for a Workspace account, and using your University email address as before.  When you receive your new Welcome email, you should use the same password you used with your Workspace account last time.

Please note, as with the first time you registered, you should receive your welcome email within 48 hours (Mon-Fri), after your licence has expired and you have re-registered.  If you do not receive your email within this time, please contact

We recommend that you re-register as soon as you receive your expiry email, to keep the time between licence expiry and renewal to a minimum.

If you have a any other queries about Workspace, please contact SOM Library staff.

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Helen Holmes

Written By: Helen Holmes

An Assistant Business Librarian since 2023, Helen provides support for SOM students and staff

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