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Homepage / Running a peer analysis in Fame

Running a peer analysis in Fame


calculator and chart

If you need to compare a UK company’s financial performance against a group of other companies then Fame is an easy database to start with. Fame contains the financial accounts of more than 8.5 million public and private companies in the UK and Ireland.

Within Fame, the Peer Comparison function will give you an instant group of the nearest 10 companies to any UK firm while the Peer Analysis function allows you to benchmark your own customised group of companies against one-other.

To get started you first need to select the companies you wish to compare. For this example, we’re going to look at some UK supermarkets.

I have used the UK SIC code 4711 for ‘Retail sales in non-specialist stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating’. Access the industry codes via the ‘Activities & Industry’ > ‘Industry classifications’ menus. Use the left-hand arrow to view sub-headings in any category.

Using the Industry Classification menu

I add the SIC code to my search by clicking on the + sign. The SIC code now appears on the right-hand of my screen. Click OK to return to the Fame search screen.

From the search screen, you can add more filters. I want the biggest supermarkets in the UK by turnover, so I now use the Financials > Profit & Loss filter to select the top 10 companies by that value.

Filtering by turnover

Fame will now adjust its results to the top 10 companies by turnover. Click on ‘View Results’ at the bottom right of your search steps to display the companies in your filter.

Top 10 companies listed by turnover

Now, click on the Tools icon on the left and select ‘Peer Analysis’ from the options.

Fame’s Tools menu – and how to access the Peer Analysis function

From here you can launch a pre-defined analysis, for example a ‘Key financials’ peer analysis, as shown below.

Fame’s Key Financials Peer Analysis

You can edit any analysis to specify the financial variables and years you would like to compare. To export, click on the Excel icon at the top right of the screen.

If you have any questions about Fame or any of our other financial services please contact us.

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Karen Stokes

Written By: Karen Stokes

A Business Librarian since 2009, Karen leads support for the Cranfield MBA courses, both full-time and Executive.

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