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Homepage / Finding industry profiles in MIRC resources

Finding industry profiles in MIRC resources


Power station

When researching an industry; its size, value and performance; competitors, brands and trends in the market etc., we recommend having a look at some of the following services. These can all be accessed via MIRC’s Industries and markets resources page.

MarketLine Advantage

MarketLine Advantage provides access to over 6,500 industry profiles with international coverage.  Each will generally include a Porter’s Five Forces analysis and information on key players.  Within the ‘Industries’ section, you can browse by sector and geography – or simply search by keyword.  Most industries will have a global report and various country-specific reports.



FitchConnect (previously known as BMI Research) – provides in-depth industry reports for 22 industries across 200 countries. Reports cover industry structure, size, key players and a SWOT analysis. All industry reports also include both 5 and 10 year forecasts.

FitchConnect report


These reports are designed to give a detailed understanding of a sector. They cover industry performance, supply chain, competitive landscape, operating conditions, major players and future outlook. Industries are listed by SIC and NAICS codes. Our subscription includes UK, USA and global reports.


If you have any questions about finding industry information in Library resources, please contact MIRC.

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