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Homepage / Managing and sharing research data openly

Managing and sharing research data openly


We are running a Lunch+Learn webinar, Managing and sharing data openly, on Thursday 11 May, 1-2pm.

Cranfield Online Research Data (CORD) was officially launched in May 2016; since then it has grown consistently in its use by both Cranfield and external researchers. Over the last five years, CORD has had:

  • 1,247 deposits

Preparing your data for sharing is one of the most time-consuming elements of the research lifecycle, but also one of the most important. Are there any ethical or security issues around sharing your data? Do you need to anonymise your dataset to protect the confidentiality or participant privacy?

Both nationally and internationally, there is increasing commitment to the principle that data which are publicly funded should be publicly available.

However, accessible does not necessarily equate to open. There are situations where data should only be used under certain conditions and with permission. For example, clinical data may require additional criteria for access so that patient privacy is protected.

FAIR and open data are overlapping yet distinct concepts; discover more about data sharing to ensure that data are made available in ways that promote access and reuse.

Book your place in DATES.


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Written By: Greg Simpson

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